About Us

When Game Students Band Together!

We are a group of friends that met at University, with a passion for making games. Together we decided to group up and make them together. So far we have produced 2 games as a team and we intend on making many more.

The idea of forming a group together was solidified after taking part in Brains Eden 2018, and we then realised how effectively we work together.


Brains Eden 2018

48 Hours of dedicated game development

Come and see our game of Wild West Gunslinging Fun, and our journey of development.


First Mini Game Jam 2018

What random themed game can we make in 24 hours?

Using a random theme generator we knuckle down and make a game in 24 hours, come and see how we did...


Our Toolset

When it comes to making games, every dev has its own unique set of tools which have been refined during long and stressing time of development.
As a group we have mostly been making games using unity, but on our own personal time we all have few projects written using different frameworks or engine.

Unity Engine Unreal Engine

During our last year of university we had the chance to both realise a 3D final project using UE4 and use Unity for our Artificial intelligence module. We all started using unity in 2017 but from the very first moment we got our hands on it we knew that would have been the one.

OpenGL DirectX

Thanks to our degree we had the chance to challenge ourselves in making games from the very scratch,
during the second year we have built our 3D graphics engine using the OpenGL API.
At the same time we have been working on a DirectX project for a 3D Windows Game.

Understanding and mastering the whole rendering pipelines (of both the API's) as well as
writing our own GLSL shaders really helped us getting a good understanding
of Computer graphics and Vector math.

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