Grappling Goats

First Mini Jam Of Unquestionable Games - 26th-27th June.
Project Summary written by Chris

Deciding Where To start

The mini game jam started off by deciding what our theme was going to be, we dicided to look up a random theme generator. After an undetermined number of clicks, we got to the theme of Mountain Goats. So we debated on the features we wanted for the game. And we decided we would try for a semi realistic looking scene with "lifelike" movement of the goats charging.

The actual game play mechanics we decided upon would be that 2 players would duke it out to see who was the stronger mountain goat. So trying to simulate how goats attack on the mountains we chose that having a keyboard key event race, would be fun as who doesn't have fond memories of games where you have to smash the buttons like crazy. To handle the semi realistic forces involved in two large animals headbutting each other we used the rigid body system, with a spherical collider. Now that we had our summary on basic gameplay features we start development.

Development Starts

To start with development Andrew worked on the goat model and getting it textured and also worked on a terrain for the arena, while Fillipo was coding the butten event race and handling GUI. Erik was worked on the animation states, and state machine for the goat behaviours. And I was working on the charge mechanic, headbutt between goats, forces to launch the goats in a comical fashion.

By the end of the evening the following features had been finished:

  • Goats Charging
  • Collision Between Goats
  • Button Race to buildup more charging power
  • GUI bars that react to the button event
  • Full Textured Goat Model
  • Full Terrain For Arena

Next day Progress

The following day we all got to work on our respective tasks. And we pushed to ge the rest of our features added. Andrew set to work on making all the animations for the goat. I finished all physics interactions between the goats, Filippo finished all player inputs. And Erik got all animations to play at the correct time for event to happpen.

By the end of the day we had a finished game, where to players coould play a fighting game using semi realistic looking goats that headbutt each other to force the other off the screen. Kind of like sumo wresting for goats.